Von Conny

Kitecollege Peru Paracas

HIGHLIGHTS About 10 to 20 minutes by car, the Paracas National Park boasts numerous wave spots with incredibly clean and friendly waves - perfect for beginners.   Accommodation directly at the spot   Only 2 hours from Lima airport   Lots of space on the water   High wind safety   Pleasant water temperature   Waves and shallow water   Sandboarding at …

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Von Conny

Kitecollege Italy, Sicily

HIGHLIGHTS Fantastic kite conditions, pleasant temperatures, combined with high security, let you relax properly! Good and cheap to reach   Short transfer from the airport   a lot of space to practice   delicious Italian food   pleasant temperature   ingenious smooth water area with maximum safety, and standing depth   perfect kite wind, no hackwind with over 30 knots   great …

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Von Conny

Kitecollege Chile Matanzas

HIGHLIGHTS The waves arrive fine sorted depending on the spot in different heights and wind directions at 25-35 knots.   Accommodation directly at the main spot   Cooking together   Several spots in the immediate vicinity   High wind yield   Top waves  Hottub to relax   Rest oasis to switch off   SUP, surfing, mountain biking

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Von Conny

Kitecollege Germany Spiekeroog

HIGHLIGHTS The island offers a very special flair: Long sandy beaches with dunes, cozy pubs, great sunsets and especially no cars. And then perfect kite conditions! You just have to experience Spiekeroog.   Car free island   High wind safety   Standing areas, shallow water and wave   All wind directions possible   Idyllic island flair Endless sandy beaches   Cheesecake …

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